Welcome to Bernstein Law Firm

Sharp, inquisitive, tough, and protective – these are just some of the words our clients use to describe us. From major banking institutions like JP Morgan Chase, energy corporations like Chevron, and high-profile companies such as Lettuce Entertain You, Friedman Properties, Joseph Freed & Associates, and Bigsby & Kruthers to emerging companies and entrepreneurs, Bernstein’s aggressive, intensely client-focused approach has earned us a singular reputation for excellence and integrity.

The firm’s size enables us to nimbly adapt to changing situations, free of large firm bureaucracy. At Bernstein, you get the lawyer you actually hired, not a junior associate or a paralegal. From trial through the appellate process, we provide our clients with highly skilled attorneys across numerous industries – from commercial law and real estate to banking, energy, and bankruptcy. Our attorneys have a track record of success that attests to the firm’s effective approach and philosophy.

At Bernstein, creative lawyering is not an oxymoron. To succeed, our firm values outside-the-box thinking, attention to detail, and unabashed tenacity. If there is a loophole, our attorneys will find it. When other firms say it “can’t be done,” Bernstein attorneys take a different approach; an approach that clearly says, “we can.”